Lyst Maker

Lyst Maker is a cloud based tool that creates interactive lists called 'lysts' from existing content or data.

Lyst Maker includes the functionality required to upload and share:

  • Content, such as PDF documents and photogaphs
  • Data stored in CSV format or Excel spreadsheets

Lyst Maker understands a selection of special data types that enable:

  • Presentation of related content, such as documents or images
  • Presentation of maps from supplied latitude and longitude
  • Creation of hyperlinks to externally hosted web content
  • Creation of special hyperlinks for emails and telephone numbers

Formatting options provide control over how various fields are displayed, including the selection of which fields are:

  • Core fields to be included in the summary panel
  • Pick list fields to be used to construct the filter panel
  • Information to be presented in the details panel
  • Hidden fields that are suppressed

Zapplet Builder

Zapplet Builder is a cloud based tool that creates data rich applets called 'zapplets' for managing list oriented content and related metadata.

Zapplet Builder includes all the functionality available in the Lyst Maker. It has additional features that enable enhanced customisation, such as the ability to upload:

  • Custom headers and footers
  • Custom style sheets
  • Layout templates

There is also the option to create autonomous zapplets: completely self-contained HTML files that are downloaded as a single file.

Future enhancements to the Zapplet Builder will enable:

  • Interactive updates to be made to the data
  • Greater control over access and permissions
  • Improved integration with corporate databases


Viewer is a desktop tool that enables users to browse, search and view files of different types using a consistent user interface.

The Express edition of the Viewer is free and supports basic document review. It includes the functionality required to:

  • Open a Windows folder or other existing document set
  • Browse documents by various attributes
  • Review a document collection without having to open/close or change applications

The Standard edition of the Viewer includes all of the functionality from the Express edition plus the ability to define and apply tags to any document:

  • Define and apply user-defined tags
  • Convert document collections to and from different formats
  • Share document tags without the need for a centralised document management server


Workbench is a desktop tool that enables users to manage and manipulate electronic document collections and the related metadata.

Workbench includes all the functionality available in the Viewer. It has additional features and utilities that enable:

  • Creation and conversion of file set data in a variety of formats, including simple CSV load files, Excel spreadsheets with hyperlinks, and Ringtail load files;
  • Analysis of files within file sets, including extraction of basic metadata, calculation of native MD5 values, and identification of issues that may arise during a subsequent e-processing and/or document review process;
  • Renaming of files, including support for generation of new file names based on chronological order or the underlying folder structure;
  • Manipulation of load files, including normalisation of people/organisation names, bulk rendering of native files, and extraction of text;

The integrated interface of Workbench makes it easy to apply the different tools to the same file set. This enables basic e-processing for small sets of documents. The ability to save the results as a hyperlinked spreadsheet enables document review in situations where large scale review platforms are unavailable, too expensive, or inappropriate for the scale of the matter.