Viewer is a desktop tool that enables users to browse, search and view files of different types using a consistent user interface.

The Express edition of the Viewer is free and supports basic document review. It includes the functionality required to:

  • Open a Windows folder or other existing document set
  • Browse documents by various attributes
  • Review a document collection without having to open/close or change applications

The Standard edition of the Viewer includes all of the functionality from the Express edition plus the ability to define and apply tags to any document:

  • Define and apply user-defined tags
  • Convert document collections to and from different formats
  • Share document tags without the need for a centralised document management server


As a universal document viewer, the Zenesi Viewer opens collections of documents stored as:

  • Windows folders
  • Outlook PST files
  • Litigation load files

The Viewer automatically creates browsable levels that quickly locates documents based on:

  • Date
  • File or Document Type
  • Original Folder
  • Custom Tags

The Viewer also facilitates location of files using keyword searching within:

  • File name and file path
  • File content
  • Available metadata

The efficient review of multiple documents is supported through:

  • One click navigation between documents
  • Automatic adaptation to file type
  • Preview or full screen viewing
  • Tabs to support multiple renditions

The Viewer combines the features of Windows Explorer, various image viewers and server based review platforms within a single easy to use application.


As a document organiser, the Zenesi Viewer enables custom tags to be applied to any file in a way that:

  • Preserves file locations
  • Retains existing file names
  • Maintains file integrity

New tags can be defined on the fly, including:

  • Simple tags
  • Name-value tags
  • Annotation tags

The data for tags is stored in small 'sidecar' files that stay with the original document, so there is:

  • No database server
  • No web server
  • No additional hardware
  • No server administration


As a document sharing system, the Zenesi Viewer works with local area networks and cloud file sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive. The sidecar files created by the Viewer are synchronised by the file system, resulting in the tags being shared between devices and between users.

The ability of the Viewer to monitor shared folders is enhanced by the way updates are tracked, so team members can identify:

  • New documents
  • Modified documents
  • Documents not yet read
  • Deleted documents

Collaboration is further assisted though the ability to export documents and metadata as either:

  • CSV file list
  • Hyperlinked Excel index
  • Litigation load file

The Viewer enables the sharing of tags without the need for a dedicated metadata database and related server infrastructure.


At home, the Zenesi Viewer can be used as:

  • Universal file viewer
  • Personal document management system
  • Bill tracking system
  • Photo sharing system

For more detail on how the Zenesi Viewer can be used at home go here


Students can use the Zenesi Viewer as:

  • Study note organiser
  • Syllabus tracking system
  • Collaborative study environment

For more detail on how the Zenesi Viewer can be used for study go here


Sports clubs and other community based organisations can use the Zenesi Viewer as:

  • Club document management system
  • Photo sharing system
  • Collaborative administration environment

For more detail on how the Zenesi Viewer can be used by clubs go here


Businesses can use the Zenesi Viewer as:

  • Universal file viewer
  • Personal professional library
  • Business document management system
  • Collaborative work environment

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