Club Administration

Combining the Zenesi Viewer with a cloud file system can provide collaborative workspace that enables committee members to work on a synchronised set of documents. The event tracking features within the Zenesi Viewer will enable them to:

  • Track documents that have already been seen or are yet to be reviewed
  • Monitor changes, such as new, modified and deleted files within a collection
  • Maintain multiple versions of documents
  • Maintain a distinction between public, shared and personal tags and annotation

Team Management

The Zenesi Viewer facilitates the criterion of electronic team management kits that include:

  • Team lists
  • Contact details
  • Medical information
  • Result sheets

Club Noticeboard

Keeping members notified and up to date is important. Although it is possible to do this using the club website, sometimes the various combinations of teams and document types make it difficult for members to locate the information that applies to them. An alternative approach is to use a cloud sharing service and the Zenesi Viewer to publish:

  • Draws
  • Results
  • Calendars

Document Archive

Club, documents tend to be stored in a wide number of locations, often with their originating custodian. The Zenesi Viewer enables historical documents to be consolidated and organised in a way that:

  • Maintains existing folder structure and filenames
  • Facilitates uniform classification of documents

Training Resources

An abundance of online resources, including web sites, news feeds and discussion forums enable knowledge and experience to be shared on a global scale. This content can be aggregated and shared in a reference library. The Zenesi Viewer enables:

  • Mixed file types to be viewed through a single user interface
  • Complete freedom in the schema used to classify documents

Club History

Providing access to historical documents through the club website can be difficult due to the potentially large number of files. Classifying the content by year, team, names, or document types makes it easier to give access to historical information like:

  • Team photos
  • News items
  • Honour boards