Study Note Organiser

Almost all study material and study notes are now in electronic format. By setting up a classification system based on the syllabus of each subject the Zenesi Viewer can be used to classify study material according to:

  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Syllabus point

The syllabus classification system can then be combined with a list of document types, such as:

  • Class notes
  • Assignments
  • Syllabus
  • Study note organiser
  • Syllabus tracking system
  • Sample and past exams

The end result is a system for organising all study material in a way that supports the completion of assignments and preparation for exams.

Resource Library

An abundance of online resources, including web sites, news feeds and discussion forums are available to assist with study and research on a global scale. Although printing articles out and storing them as hardcopy works, it will generally be preferable to maintain a personal reference library in electronic form. The Zenesi Viewer enables:

  • Mixed file types to be viewed through a single user interface
  • Complete freedom in the schema used to classify documents
  • Tags to be applied to any file type without altering the underlying file
  • Persistent keywords to be defined and automatically applied to new documents
  • Annotation to be added to any document type

Collaborative Study

The widespread availability of cloud sharing services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, make the sharing of files easy. Combining the Zenesi Viewer with a cloud file system can create a collaborative study environment that:

  • Enables classmates to work on group projects and assignments
  • Supports mixed file types, including file types not readily supported by standard browsers
  • Use classification schemes suited to the specific project

The event tracking features within the Zenesi Viewer will enable team members to:

  • Track documents that have already been read or are yet to be reviewed
  • Monitor changes, such as new, modified and deleted files within a collection
  • Maintain multiple versions of documents
  • Maintain a distinction between public, shared and personal tags and annotation