Workbench is a desktop tool that enables users to manage and manipulate electronic document collections and the related metadata.

Workbench includes all the functionality available in the Viewer. It has additional features and utilities that enable:

  • Creation and conversion of file set data in a variety of formats, including simple CSV load files, Excel spreadsheets with hyperlinks, and Ringtail load files;
  • Analysis of files within file sets, including extraction of basic metadata, calculation of native MD5 values, and identification of issues that may arise during a subsequent e-processing and/or document review process;
  • Renaming of files, including support for generation of new file names based on chronological order or the underlying folder structure;
  • Manipulation of load files, including normalisation of people/organisation names, bulk rendering of native files, and extraction of text;

The integrated interface of Workbench makes it easy to apply the different tools to the same file set. This enables basic e-processing for small sets of documents. The ability to save the results as a hyperlinked spreadsheet enables document review in situations where large scale review platforms are unavailable, too expensive, or inappropriate for the scale of the matter.